Monday, December 11, 2006

Stained Glass In The Bath?

Does it sound silly, putting a gorgeous Stained Glass window in the bathroom where so few people will be able to see it? It's certainly not the first room that comes to mind when you're thinking about a decorative window is it? But homes are getting bigger, and bigger homes have bigger windows and a window in the bath presents a privacy issue. You want the natural light but you don't want people being able to see in.

There are several window treatments that can solve the problem but many people are finding the most attractive one is Stained Glass. You can see some of the windows we have installed at: http// and scroll down to Stained Glass in the Bath.



  1. Joe you
    must check out this blog
    the girl is from our town and blogs daily about Blenko Glass

  2. I just finished a large 57" x 50" piece panel for a bathroom with over 1350 pieces of glass. Here's some pictures...
    Tiffany Peacock

    Stop by my stained glass blog. There's some more on it there :)
    My stained glass blog

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  4. I have found that stained glass pieces for the bathroom can really show off the room. It can be a real pop of color in a room that is normally pretty neutral. Someday I would love to have a large stained glass window over my soaker tub.


  5. I think that stained glass can go in any room, its there fer you, no one else.