Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stained Glass Business/School For Sale

Dear friends of our are selling their business. Here is their notification:

It is with deep regret that we send you this announcement but it is necessary.
Avalon Stained Glass School For Sale
Due to Owner’s ill health Avalon Stained Glass School is selling the following:
12 years of Good Will
The business name “Avalon Stained Glass School”
All its Stained Glass school stock and equipment which includes student stations, grinders, soldering irons, all kinds of rings saws etc, Morton boards, glass cutters and more. We have 2 complete 4 student traveling set up kits for teaching stained glass wind chime workshops and stained glass night light workshops. We have other things and it is too much to list here.
We have a whole warehouse of glass, hundreds of patterns, lots of retail inventory, cash register.
Plus Glass Etching machine. Our computer shows that we have over $29,000.00 into this part of the business at this very minute.
We are asking $23,900.00 OBO. You can pay for this with your credit card through PayPal to our account once you have seen everything.
We can add a whole warm glass studio with glass, kiln, equipment, molds and more. Asking $2,400.00 OBO and you can see all info at this link.
You can pay for this with your credit card through PayPal to our account once you have seen everything.
We can add a whole China Painting studio with kiln, paints, and more. Asking $699.00 OBO
You can pay for this with your credit card through PayPal to our account once you have seen everything.
Or you can make us an offer on the whole kit and caboodle!
Not included in the sale are any finished pieces of stained glass panels, etch glass or fused or slumped glass.
This information is subject to Price change, prior sale, withdrawal, errors and omissions without any prior notice of any kind.
For viewing all this or any questions please call Arlene at (270) 524 9567


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