Friday, June 09, 2006

St James Court Art Show

Well, we just got our acceptance letter from the St James Court Art Show, This will be the 21st year we've done the show.

"The St. James Court Art Show is a juried fine arts and fine crafts show produced by a consortium of five non-profit neighborhood associations: Belgravia Court, South Third Street, 1300 South Third Street, St. James Court and South Fourth Street; and the West End Baptist Church. Always held the first full weekend of October, it hosts an impressive 650 plus artists from all over the Americas. Held in the heart of historic Old Louisville among the country's largest collection of Victorian homes, the St. James Court Art Show has for over four decades provided our neighborhood, city and state with a rich cultural and artistic legacy" -quote.

For the first 10 years, we were on Belgravia Court. Then there was this big shake up and we moved to 4th Street. After 2 years we moved to 3rd Street and now, this year we're back on 4th.

We only do about 3 or 4 shows a year but they are all high quality shows with excellent work being displayed. Each of our shows require you to be juried in, in other words, you have to submit your work for acceptance. Back when we were only making a few hundred dollars per show, it was no big deal - other than the blow to your ego - to be rejected. Now that we make a significant portion of our income doing them, it's pretty nerve wracking to go through the jury process and not know from one year to the next where your money will be coming from.

But this is a very impressive show, both from an artist's and an audience's perspective. The quality of work here is amazing. But be prepared to walk. And walk. And walk.

So I hope to see you there.


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